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Welcome to Strum Views: I have complete, honest guitar reviews based on over 25 years of music experience.

Over 20 years ago, I experienced the frustration (my story) of a "less than desirable" acoustic guitar investment, and have since helped many individuals find the best acoustic guitar for their investment, based off of several factors - factors that I learned "the hard way".  

Through an intensive 3-4 year study covering everything about the art and craft of building acoustic guitars, I have learned all about acoustic guitar manufacturers, their practices, tone woods, body sizes and styles and different price ranges and features and continue to review only the best acoustic guitars in each particular budget range.

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Finding the best acoustic guitar for a beginner

- Finding the best acoustic guitar under $500

- Finding the Best Acoustic & Acoustic Electric Guitars between $300-$600

- Finding the Best Acoustic Guitars under $1,000

- Finding the Best Travel Guitar

- The Best Acoustic Guitar Bundle for about $250

Finding an appropriate 3/4 size (smaller) guitar for a kid or smaller student

- Learning About Guitar Sizes and Styles

- Discovering what makes different Sound / Tone / Projection qualities

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How the acoustic guitar reviews are organized - the criteria we use:

On this site, you can learn how to review acoustic guitars based on price range, body size and style preferences, different tone woods and finishes and how they affect the sound profile of acoustic guitars, and the best acoustic guitars to purchase based off of particular skill levels: beginner, intermediate and more professional models.

Additionally, if you are looking to learn how to play guitar, we have reviewed what we believe to be the best place for guitar lessons online (at the most affordable price).

Each of my reviews are based on many factors. First, I look at the most popular acoustic guitar models that are selling and review multiple sources and public reviews to find out what the public sense is about quality and performance.   I also look for more obscure "gems" or guitars that are not as popular but higher in quality, value and craftsmanship.  

I take into consideration whether the reviewers are beginners, intermediate, or more seasoned players or professionals.  Many beginners will post reviews about acoustic guitar purchases and will be displeased a year or 2 later after they develop a more seasoned ear.  

I then review the product specifications at the manufacturers websites and other resources to find any inconsistencies between the reviews and the manufacturing specs, including but not limited to the quality of materials and tone woods that are used (and the corresponding tree harvest locations that produce these woods globally), the machine heads (tuners), the craftsmanship standards of each company, the skill backgrounds of the luthiers and their philosophies in guitar craftsmanship, any alternative materials used in the manufacturing that may be less than standard, such as laminates and polycarbonate (man-made) substitutes for tone woods, common repetitive quality issues with certain makes and models and much more.  

I then research each guitar personally to ensure that I am presenting the most accurate information on quality, customer service, guitar care guidelines, and overall value of each guitar compared to the market price.  After investing in a guitar and being disappointed as I learned more and developed a more seasoned "ear", I am assuring that each guitar reviewed will meet the specifications that I would be most pleased with for a particular budget, playing style, sound profile, body size, tone-wood construction and finish, and over all quality.  

I refuse to promote acoustic guitars that are highly popular but that I personally believe are inferior models for the particular class of guitars.

Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored by any manufacturer of any company, but am an independent reviewer and critic of acoustic guitars world-wide.

I provide feedback that is unbiased and un-paid, and represents the best acoustic guitar models that fit the profile of the buyer,  whether the buyer was looking to maintain a specific budget, a specific manufacturer, model, tone-wood profile, sound profile, etc.

This site's reviews do contain affiliate links that provide commissions on particular guitars that enable me to maintain the reviews on this website.

Go ahead an begin your reviews based on the most important factors for your preferences.  Please provide feedback on any and every page that you believe may be missing information or somewhat inaccurate.  We are human and can make mistakes here and there on a minor detail of a particular review, yet they are rigorously edited for accuracy and quality.  Likewise, if you come to a particular page and find that it is not what you are looking for, please leave real, honest feedback as it is one of the main methods I use to help improve the site visit for you and for others.

What would you like to review next?  (What is most important to you for your next potential guitar?)

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