Traveler Guitar

Our #1 Pick for a Travel Guitar 

The Traveler Guitar Pro Series (price range $250 - 550)

The Traveler Guitar company is growing at a steady rate, adding acoustic, electric, and acoustic electric models to satisfy all kinds of guitar enthusiasts with a desire to take their guitar on the road.

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The "Traveler Guitar" is actually the brand name of the series of travel sized guitars we picked as our
#1 best travel guitar available on the market today.  As you will see, they have a model that works for just about anyone's playing style and budget.  

Not only do they have acoustic versions, but they also make acoustic electric, electric, and bass guitars that are compact and made for travel.

Listen to the pure acoustic sound played on their Escape Mark 3 version in the video below.


Traveler Guitar - Craftsmanship - 5 stars

Overall, we give Traveler Guitars 5 stars for craftsmanship, as they have engineered these guitars to fit the exact needs of the players looking for a guitar to travel with. 

That's the first really cool thing about these guitars is that they are made specifically for traveling, by factory design.

traveler-guitar-pro-series-comparisonFrom this diagram, you can compare the actual body size to that of a standard Les Paul Guitar.

However, some people might think that a traveler guitar compromises in sound or quality, but Traveler Guitars has not.

A lot of thought, testing, engineering and design has gone into all of their models- to the extent that they can be played professionally in a studio or in front of a live audience. . .they're really that good!

The traveler guitar has a compacy body size to fit just about anywhere when traveling, but the fretboard and neck are standard size and scale length.

It is 28% shorter overall, 64% lighter than a Les Paul, yet retains 100% neck and scale length fretboard.


So if you are looking for a very compact guitar with a standard sized neck and fretboard, built for any style of play that does not compromise on quality, look no further.

Traveler guitars are bound to have  the model that fits your hands, travel plans and your wallet!

Though they range from about $250 to $550, the pro model priced around $379 are the best fit for the pro or amateur looking for the best bang-for-the-buck investment.

I personally favor the Traveler Guitar Pro Series as they come with a gig bag and are acoustic-electric versions- as they are excellent for the acoustic player or the electric player searching for the best modestly priced travel guitar.  This model would fit most people in terms of varsatility of playing styles and budget at only $379.

The solid maple, standard sized neck is the first thing I really like about these guitars, as they feel like your standard guitar for chording, picking, strumming and playing.  You don't have to worry about feeling that the guitar is foreign, as many traveler and 3/4 gutiars by other companies also reduce the fretboard, which can make a seasoned player feel cramped on the fretboard, and make it more difficult for a beginner or intermediate player to adjust between full size guitars and travel guitars.

You won't feel that awkwardness when switching back and forth from a standard sized guitar and the traveler guitar.

Hardware & Specs - 5 Stars

traveler-guitar-hardware-piezo-coil-pickups-and-stethophone- Made with a One-piece maple neck / body with natural maple finish
- Patented Stethophone for  private listening
- Standard  1/4-inch output jack with tone and volume knobs
- Piezo (acoustic) and single coil (electric) pickups with separate knobs for acoustic, electric, with selector switch
- Custom / patented detachable lap rest so it sits properly on your lap
- Deluxe Traveler Guitar gig bag,
- Factory limited three-year warranty
- Full 24 3/4" scale steel-string neck and fret-board
- Compact size fits easily in a trunk or overhead airline travel bins

Tonewoods / Materials & Sound/ Projection

Both of these categories can go together (materials and sound) as they are closely tied on this guitar, as in all guitars, but there is less to mention.  

The tonewoods for this guitar do not really matter much, althought they use high quality materials, because there is no acoustic body to resonate and produce overtones that give the guitar sound a charactersitic of the wood.  It is basically string vibration creating the sound, and when plugged in with the stethopone, it is an amplified acoustic string vibration with no "wood" sound.

However, the stethophone (like an acoustic stethoscope a doctor uses to hear your heartbeat and breathing) is awesome for silent practice and gives you much better silent practice than an unplugged electric guitar because you can actually hear what you are playing, as well as the nuances of your style and the strings, including harmonics, scratches, and other movements of the fingers on the strings.  The stethophone is fairly sensitive and is a unique feature to the Traveler Guitar that I have not seen on other guitars on the market.  This is truly a uniqe innovation and advantage over all other travel guitars I have played, heard, seen or reviewed.

It also gives you a much more quiet practice than any standard or small acoustic guitar with a body, because it has not body with a soundhole to amplify and project the sound.  So if buzzing strings are quiet enough, this is a great guitar for silent practice that will not bother most people in the nearby vicinity, and certainly not people in the next hotel room.

The solid maple construction is ideal for durability, rigidity, strenght and longevity of the instrument, as well as the light-weight feel.  All of the materials for the head, neck, fretboard, and electronics are high quality materials, allowing the instrument to stay in tune while traveling, playing, and even recording.  Plugging this into an amp to record will give the guitar player a great little studio experience.  While you will not get a true acoustic tonewood resonation of rich Rosewood or Mahogany, it is a great guitar for gigs and recordings where the guitar is for a professional sample mix or while being played in an ensemble or group, with a pure acoustic piezo type pickup sound.  Albeit, piezos sound electronic and "tinny", they still sound much closer to an acoustic guitar than an electric guitar setup.

The full size, standard neck and fretboard is a bonus, so that the playability will feel the same, although there is no real guitar body.

The engineering/ design is cutting edge on all of the the Traveler Guitars and the Traveler Guitar Pro Series, as the tuning keys are protected within the headstock, which is a hybrid with the body area, as the keys are in the carved area of the reverse positioned headstock.  This forward-thinking design will not only protect the tuning keys for a longer life, but will keep them from getting adjusted or bumped while traveling - a great design concept!  If you have had any experience traveling with your guitar, especially with a gig bag, this is an added benefit of the design.

Traveler Guitars has also designed a nice detachable lap rest so that you can set the guitar on your leg while seated, making it more normal and comfortable for a player with any experience.  Without that feature, the guitar would be challenging to hold without a neck strap.  It does rest a little lower than a standard Dreadnought and the design is much thinner than most acoustic guitars, so the feel is a bit to get used to, however, it is not a major hurdle.  

In addition, the neck is adjustable with a truss rod, which is standard with any decent guitar.  This allows you to fine tune the set of the strings and any back-bowing of the neck for fine-tuning your personal feel.  It also helps when traveling from variations in atmospheric pressures or conditions to be able to make slight adjustments to the set of the strings.

While plugged in to an amp through a standard 1/4 inch jack, the Traveler Guitar Pro has the option to amplify using the single coil electric pickup, to sound more like an electric guitar, or the piezo pickup, to sound more like an acoustic guitar.  This is a cool feature because you can play gigs with the same guitar, and switch back and forth between acoustic guitar and electric guitar with a simple flick of the switch.

Value / Price

The overall value to price ratio is 5 stars because you really do get a lot of bang-for-your-buck.  There is a lot of quality and versatility for the price.  Additionally, they offer many different body styles and options for different players.  So, whether electric, acoustic electric, ascoutic, or bass is your prefernce, Traveler Guitars have an option for everyone in the $250 to $550 budget range.

On top of that, Traveler Guitars offers a solid 3 year warranty, and the company is over 10 years old with a lot of great reviews.


I gave this 4.5 stars because it is our first choice for anyone searching using the term "travel guitar" and is close to perfect for just about any occasion.

However, no guitar is truly perfect for all needs.  The being said, this Traveler Guitar Pro Model is my #1 pick for a travel guitar.

When you purchase the Traveler Pro Guitar here, you get the entire package that you need for all of your musical traveling needs including:

   -Traveler Pro Series Steel-string guitar - acoustic & electric in 1
   -Custom gig bag
   -Complete owners manual
   -One of a kind stethophone for silent practice

For around $379, the Traveler Gutiar Pro Package found here meets all of the needs for people who are truly searching for a "travel guitar".

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